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Purchasing a Home

When you rent with Twin Cities Property People you have access to home buying seminars and online training. We also offer our tenants an incentive to utilize our team of realtors


We provide great owners with great tenants and great tenants with great places to live and call home. We create a harmonious experience between owners & tenants.  


Our experienced team of realtors can assist you in building or expanding your rental property portfolio.  


If you are ready to sell your rental properties we have licensed agents who can help you get the home ready, listed and sold. We ensure that you'll get the best price possible.

OUr Values, OUr Vision & Our Mission

Holding or manifesting high moral principles for proper conduct. Here at TCPP, we value strong ethics in our business practices, decision making, and company culture. This ensures we are creating an honest and transparent relationship with our clients. We are proud to be leaders in ethical property management. You can be assured that you are working with a team that values ethical professional conduct.


The air, water, and land in, or on, which people, animals, and plants live. Awareness of natural resources. Here at TCPP we value the environment and our responsibility to help preserve its resources and beauty for future generations. We are conscious of our use of carbon and natural resources in our business. We are also leaders in sustainable property management. We can consult with you to find resources to upgrade your portfolio with energy efficient and environmentally friendly features. We are creating a better planet, one property at a time. 


The quality of being honest and having strong adherence to moral principles. The state of being whole, unified, and maintaining internal consistency. Here at TCPP, we practice integrity in every aspect of our business. We build relationships with our owners, tenants, employees, vendors, and community members through practicing the principles of integrity. We continuously generate trust by being honest, transparent, consistent, responsible, and taking pride in our work. 


A strong feeling of support or allegiance to people, organizations, ideals, and causes. Here at TCPP, we are loyal to our owners, tenants, employees, vendors, and community members. We want to create an invaluable, long-term relationship with our clients, and we accomplish this is by acting with your best interest in mind and providing you with the support you deserve from a property management company. Our loyalty standard is strongly upheld to our clients, our community, and the ideals we believe in.


Placing importance on serving others with quality and value. Here at TCPP, we understand the importance of high-quality customer service. We exist to serve our owners, tenants, and the community. We accomplish this by listening to your needs, creating an action plan for your goals, and providing tailored solutions.  We have invaluable resources to increase your portfolio’s sustainability and profitability, a service that helps our clients and our planet.  We have invested in state-of-the-art technology so we can provide owners and tenants with a high-quality experience. We continuously hunt for new ways to provide service and value to our owners, tenants, and community. Exceptional service is a quality that sets us apart from other management companies. 

Creative leadership

A style of leadership based on the concept of working cooperatively to develop innovative ideas and solutions, especially in the face of structurally complex situations. Here at TCPP, we pride ourselves in being contemporary leaders in property management. Property Management is a multi-faceted business with many departments that must work well together for the owners and tenants to have a great experience. This can only be accomplished by the continuous 

Core Focus

To create prosperous, healthy & harmonious communities. 

Our Niche

Proactively managing your assets while creating sustainable value in buildings, relationships & community. 

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